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I decided to start skateboarding again today. What did you do?
Art Lamb Snow Photography by Joseph on EyeEm
Model: Lena ChasePhotographer: Joseph Brewster

We used a projector to shoot images across the model for this shoot, with some interesting results.

Photographer: Joseph Brewster
Model: Adríenne Bárbknecht
Stylist: Bethany Brewster
Technician: Aaron DeLeon
Assistant: Angelina Simms

Model Sensual Bedroom Beauty by Joseph on EyeEm
Veiled, we are
Souls behind faces
Hearts behind tissue
Art behind traces

An outtake, unedited from a recent shoot with @gretaohrvall
Poem & Photo by me
© Joseph Brewster
The magnificent Lena Chase
Photographer: Joseph BrewsterModel: Lena Chase
Dallas, TX
Concrete Girl
This is a digital composite shot in studio then painted and textured in Photoshop CS6.
Photographer: Joseph BrewsterModel: Lena Chase
Unraveled. A digital art/photography piece from one of my recent sets
Photographer: Joseph BrewsterModel: Greta OhrvallMUA: Joshaa FloresStylist: Abby Bagby
Thirty little lights
Floating floating
Tremble tiny blades
Prick behind my ear
Finger painted skies
Black hole rooftop
Whisper to the night
Maybe you were right

Do you come to find
What’s on the inside
Of these shiny metal gates
Are you me or are you there
Or are you really man made
I would like to move
But I am still upon the dew
I am waiting here for you
I was waiting here for you

Thunder in my chest
Sealed in silence
Only fragile gasps
Venture out
Come to me at last
Lit by fire
Thirty little lights
Three elusive discs
My buddy @ifuroh is having a free for all. Go check out his images! The satellite background is from his collection. 
Poem and edit by me using #lensflare #snapseed #filterstorm #mextures #effextures #imageblender
© Joseph Brewster
abstract negatives
Negative reversal is official. You will find all the original effextures there free to download (individual now, you don’t have to choose packs) along with unreleased files and the once exclusive Burn Marks. All free. Come get it! There are some promo images on the “Show Love” page that you can post to your feed and share with others. Thanks for the support!
Sorry for the hiatus! I’m back. And I’m working on a website for Effextures geared at providing free resources for mobile editors! But…more about that later. I owe you a poem and an image:
My vision of the city through the haze
Traces juggernauts at play
Or is it decay?
Moving, but only just
So that years from today
They will be sleeping giants in the dust
A remnant of skyline
Once grand
Once mine
But today they stand erect within the grey
And I, below their feet, go unnoticed on my way
Design and poem by me. 
© Joseph Brewster
Dallas, Tx